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Family Heartbreak

Publication date - 29 March 2019

Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), 1974

At the age of seven, Jessie continues to experience life like no child should have to.

A disagreement with Jessie’s dad (Bert) sees Jessie’s mother (Marie) admitted into hospital and Jessie removed from the care of her parents and being placed in a children’s home.

Marie fights Bert in court and wins custody. Leaving her new-found friend, Rose, and the home is a bittersweet experience for Jessie.

Following Marie’s marriage to Chris, the three of them leave Zimbabwe and migrate to Australia.

Settling into a county on the other side of the world proves difficult for all three of them. When Jessie is caught shoplifting, she tries to take her life by overdosing on tablets and becomes a damaged soul, with nowhere to turn.

At high school, Jessie befriends a boy by the name of Bryce and after an initial annoyance period, their friendship develops into something more.

Love Happiness

As with everything in life this book is a work in progress

Can you tell at the age of 16 whether you have found your soul mate?

Jessie certainly thinks so and following a ram-shackle proposal, and against their parents will, Jessie and Bryce are married at the age of 18.

In the early years, they are blissfully happy and endure any storm they encounter, except for a miscarriage that throws Jessie into turmoil and subsequently rocks both their worlds.

Life goes on, so they say, and the two of them form an unbreakable bond, which is strengthened following the birth of their baby girl.

Many years on, a shift in their relationship develops following an unconfirmed indiscretion and the tribulations that come with having a strong willed teenage daughter, puts a strain on their marriage.

Through it all, however, they remain united with their differing characters and strengths complementing one another, but life takes an unexpected turn when they are faced with life changing news and Jessie is forced to live life without her soul mate.